At Nkonka we do a controlled burn mainly in Spring when the grass is dry and there is very little rainfall. Many factors are taken into account;  weather conditions, wind direction, Season, time of day. By regulating the fire breaks we reduce the fuel load for a run away fire.

Fire is as natural element and play an important role in our ecosystem, they clear away leaf litter and regulate the emergence and spread of alien plant spiecies thereby maintaining a balance in our eco system. Some plant species in naturally fire-affected environments require fire to germinate, establish, or to reproduce. Fires usually occur just before Spring when the first rains begin. Many animals have had to move off and the environment appears hot and bare after a fire. But after the first signs of rain, the lush grass starts shooting through bringing and attracting new life into the reserve. The recently burned areas have new growth that provides palatable and nutritious forage for the animals
The game animals instinctively cope with the dangers of fires. Birds fly out of the fire area, large animals flee the danger zone to ponds and streams, while others return to their burrows. Usually few animals are killed by fire.

An out of control fire can be devastating to life and property. The Law states that the owner or the person in control of land over which the fire started and spread is responsible for the damages suffered on neighbouring property as a result.