Just a bit of background … this year, 6 enthusiastic amateur cyclists, decided to ride the Argus Cycle Tour for to create awareness of the endangered rhino’s and to raise funds for anti-poaching in the Kwa-ZuluNatal region.

It was a great success as we raised more funds then we ever thought. After the event lots of people showed an interest in participating in 2015 so we were encouraged to register our NGO with the now “Cape Town Cycle Tour”.

Soon we realized that our initial 20 requested places would not be enough and a further 20 were applied for and granted. These were snapped up over night and not everyone who wanted to enter our group could get an entry. So another 20 were requested and after a long wait and many enquiries, we were the only fortunate charity to be granted another 20 entries. We now have 60 keen cyclists supporting our cause and our group now sits at fully capacity … something we never anticipated.

We’ll continue to keep you updated and look forward to seeing those who have entered on the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour.Argus-2015-The-Cycle-of-Life-charity