Nkonka Fundraising Initiatives

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

The Cycle of Life Overview

In 2014, at the height of rhino poaching, a small group of mutually concerned friends, including Simone Godfrey, Faye Elliott and René Lanfear, determined to assist, entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds to support the anti-poaching efforts in Zululand.
The following year, through word of mouth, our team grew and what started out as a once off fund-raiser, has grown into an annual event, with interest and encouragement increasing each year. This led to The Cycle of Life Charity Funds becoming a registered NPO which allows for Section 18A certificates to be issued to donors.

Every year, since inception, Bishops’ boys have entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour as part of The Cycle of Life Charity Funds team with a view to raising funds for the cause. They have raised close to R350 000 through their efforts.


Faye, Simone and René

Since the beginning Bishops’ boys have been invited annually, for their fundraising efforts, to experience rhino conservation first hand by staying at Bayala Safari Lodges. They take part in dehornings as well as other conservation activities e. g. analyzing camera traps, spoor reading and alien plant management which all forms part of the habitat management.

Leon Glanvill has been instrumental in putting programs together to have different grades come to Bayala for various conservation/ranger courses which educates learners about our cause, natural habitat and endangered animals.

In 2021 Cycle of Life Charity Funds created a new fundraiser called Ride 4 Rhinos. This fundraiser is a mountain bike cycle tour through the reserve, staying at Bayala Safari Lodges, not only experiencing cycling through the African Bush but also through the communities surrounding the reserve. It showcases the involvement of the NGO in terms of uplifting the communities by educating them about rhino conservation and the importance of anti-poaching efforts and supplying them with water by an installed solar pump water system.

Ride 4 Rhinos was well received and successfully repeated in 2022. The participants loved experiencing all the activities as well as seeing first hand how funds have been effectively distributed by the charity. Over R 500,000 was raised through an auction with attractive prizes generously donated by various parties/companies.


The overall funds raised to date, have been spent in many areas

Rhino dehorning – all the rhinos at Phinda were dehorned over a 2 year period. There have been almost no rhinos poached since dehorning began, a direct result of these efforts. Horns regrow and require trimming every 18 months so this is an ongoing project

  • Surveillance equipment installed
  • Anti-poaching guard equipment and uniforms.
  • An anti-poaching guard house was built to provide the guards with facilities while off duty.
  • Orphaned animal support by way of food and medical costs
  • Medical expenses for injured animals
  • An endangered species boma at the vet’s clinic provides space for medical treatment on site and while injured or sick animals recover
  • A large animal trailer was purchased and is used to transport injured or sick animals where required
  • Community support – purchasing stationery and school bags for learners at schools in the community. A water project by way of a borehole, pump and pipes, ensured running water to the community
  • Rohrer’s Rest, a deck built for use by Bishops and other schools during their ranger and conservation courses
  • Installation of solar panels and lithium batteries at Phinda Main Gate, Northern Gate and Bayala Gate. This is to secure the electric fence, camera operation and number plate recognition as there was a breach of security due to extended periods of load shedding – up to 36 hours at a time.

To read more about our charity and our conservation efforts
– head to the Cycle of Life website here