With our much needed spring rainfall, Nkonka has come alive with animals drinking at the waterholes, whilst surrounded by fresh, lush vegetation. Jessica’s Journey to the Island dam is waterlogged and muddy, the only access is from Ndabushe over the dam wall to JJ. The drink stop under the Sycamore fig tree is also muddy and unaccessable by 4 x 4. Hippo, Lions, Elephant, Rhino and Hyena tracks have being spotted in the reserve on the wet soil. The only places that haven’t seen as much rain are Stoney, Buhala Leo’s pan and Camp dam, however we still have our Summer rains to look forward to.

Unfortunately along with the glorious rainfall we have endured considerable damage to our roads. As soon as the roads dry up Walter and his team will have some damage control do do.

Nkonka DamStoney panMamba dam